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in co-operation with Sports Society "Diamond"

1.      Sports.

·        Horse riding (normal, healing, extremal)

·        Cycling (extremal, standard)

·        Mountaineering (trolley, climbing, rappelling)

·        Canyoning

·        Paragliding

·        Bungee

·        ATV (quad bike)

·        Rafting and Kayaking

·        Paintball

·        Ski and Snowboard

·        Ice Climbing

·        Diving (scuba)

2.      Tourism.

·        Hiking (light, medium, extreme, wild)

·        Rural (food tastings and beverages)

·        Crafts (distillery, weaving, iconography, weapons, knitting)

·        Treatment (massage, herbs, reiki, yoga, ayurveda)

·        SPA

·        Seasonal health camps

·        Weight loss programs

·        Religious (pilgrimages)

·        Visits to the mountains at home and abroad (Himalayas, Hindukush, Pamir, Tibet, Andes, Alps ...)

3.      Courses.

·        Yoga and Meditation

·        Mountaineering

·        Survival

·        Martial Arts

·        кComplex (psychophysical and technical) preparation of teams and individual athletes for high achievements for all kinds of sports.

4.      Festivals and Scientific Simposiums.


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