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Eco-Path "Adrenaline"

Access to this eco-trail is available by means of a unique specialized route "Via Ferata" (iron road) starting near the natural waterfall ?Old Souchurum?. The trail is constructed along the river, and will maneuver through canyons, cliffs, over the water and upon natural rock cornices and builded fulcrums. You will see beautiful landmarkñ peaks; river valleys, waterfalls, unique rock forms and specific plant species.

Type of trail: Via Ferata; Category of difficulty: xxx ;  General length: 1263 m;  Time of passing: 2 hours.


Equipment: Helmet, Seat, 2 Belts, 3 Carabineers and 1 Rope.   ATTENTION!: The passing of the eco-trail "Adrenaline" is dangerous for your life without instructor and equipment! The eco-trail is accomplished by project of Regional Administration of Plovdiv.Builder: BG SPORT Ltd.

Information: Tourism and Conservation Information Center > +359 335 953 73; +359 887 581 637; +359 887 581 692; +359 886 442 869.






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